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Dildos or ‘dills’ are strategically shaped objects that you can insert vaginally and anally (depending on the shape) during sex or self-pleasuring. They come in a wide variety of shapes, which determine the erogenous zones they stimulate. While some dildos are shaped like a penis with testicles and all, others don’t resemble the male member whatsoever. Half the fun of picking the right dildo is choosing the perfect shape for you.

Forever Pleasure only carries silicone dildos. Many dildos on the market are made from jelly or latex. Jelly and latex dildos are very porous, hard to clean, decompose easily, and can cause bacteria infections. The most alarming issue with jelly dildos is that they slowly release chemicals known as phalates (see the section on Health Issues With Inexpensive Sex Toys).

Silicone is the ideal material to make dildos with because silicone is hypoallergenic, latex-free, non-porous, durable, life-like to touch, and very easy to clean. In fact, silicone dills can be boiled for about 4 minutes to completely sterilize the toy. Dildos should be sterilized before inserting the toy into another orifice or when sharing your dill with a partner unless you are using condoms.

When choosing a dildo try to invision how you want to use your toy. Will you use it vaginally, anally, or both. You can even use the vibrating dills clitorally for amazing external pleasure. Next, determine what shape turns you on most. Do you want it to look like a penis? Or, would you prefer a cute dill resembling an animal?

You should also consider length, thickness, texture, and firmess. If this is your first dildo, don’t buy the largest one. Start smaller and work your way up. If you prefer smooth surfaces, choose a dill that has no veins or bumps. If you’re turned on by texture, choose one that is veiny or has a number of textured nubs. Most silicone dills are extremely pliable, yet still firm. Check the descriptions of each dill if you prefer very flexible or very firm dildos.

Many dildos can be used anally if they have a phlange at the base large enough to stop the toy from passing the anal sphincter. As well, many dildos can be used in harnessess so one partner can thrust the dill into their partner and keep their hands free to explore other sensual areas. Please refer to Forever Pleasure’s Toy Legend Icons to determine which toys are harness and anus safe.

Some dills come with small, bullet vibrators that are usually inserted at the very end of the dildo. These vibrating dills cause exciting feelings wherever they are placed. If you have a regular dildo, you could place a vibrator against the dill to create these orgasmic sensations.

We’ve classified dildos into 6 different categories including; Realistic, Semi-realistic, Specialty, G-Spot/A-Spot, Vibrating, and Double-ended. We’ve also included an accessories category in the dildo section of the site with items such as harnessess.

Realistic Dildos

These dildos are almost exact replicas of the male penis. Some will include the testicles, but most do not. If you’re turned on by the site of a nice penis or fantasize about being penetrated by one, then this is the dildo for you. They have natural looking knobs and veins. If you prefer toys with more texture, get one with more veins. The veins sensually rub the vaginal or anal walls increasing sensations.

Recommended Realistic Dildos: El-Rey, El-Grande

Semi-realistic Dildos

Semi-realistic dildos still resemble a penis, however, the knob is not as prominent and they do not have any veins. They are generally extremely soft and smooth. If you prefer something that slides in and out nice and quick then this is your toy. The silicone semi-realistics come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colours.

Recommended Semi-realistic Dildos: Magnum, Amor

Specialty Dildos

Specialty dildos are not phallic-like at all. Instead, they are shaped like dolphins or other interestingly designed items, which often don’t look like sex toys one bit. Their shape usually depicts their purpose. That is, the pleasurable zones that they will stimulate when used. Look closely at their curved tips, beaded bellies, and ribbed shafts… they can cause orgasms like never before.

Recommended Specialty Dildos: Smart Balls, Flexi Felix

G-Spot / A-Spot Dildos

Some dildos are specifically designed to stimulate the G-spot, A-spot, or both. Many women report that putting firm pressure on their G-spot with just the right dildo is the perfect way to achieve G-spot orgasms. Some women place a vibrator at the end of the dill to create sensations beyond belief in this area. G-Spot dildos can be used to reach the A-Spot as long as the dill has a flared base. Most of our dildos can be used in the anus as well.

Recommended G-Spot / A-Spot Dildos: Amor, Curve, Meteor Plug

Vibrating Dildos

Some dildos come with a little vibrator that can be inserted into the base of the dill. These dildos provide enhanced stimulation compared to regular dildos. They are not as powerful as insertable vibrators, however, they still create erotic feelings not found using other toys. Another advantage to having vibrating, silicone dildos is the cleaning factor. The vibrator can be removed and the dildo can be sterilized by boiling it for about 4 minutes.

Recommended Vibrating Dildos: Coming Soon

Double-ended Dildos

These are basically two dildos that are joined in the middle. They have two usable ends and can be used by a man and a woman, two women, or two men. Double-ended toys are fun for couples since they get to enjoy the same toy. Most can also be used in harnessess for some hands-free fun. If you’re looking to spice up your sex life and try something a little different then this is the toy for you.

Recommended Double-ended Dildos: Nexus, Share


A harness or strap-on is worn over the pelvis to tightly hold a dildo in place for some hands-free penetration with a partner. All types of couples including heterosexuals, lesbians, and gay men use strap-ons to penetrate their partners either vaginally or anally. It can be a fun way to explore sexuality. Some couples enjoy the power dynamics that arise from using a dildo in a harness.

Most pelvis harnesses come in either a g-string style or jock strap style. You can even get a harness that fits over the thigh. The best material to buy is either rubber or leather, with the latter lasting much longer with proper care. When using a dildo in a harness, one should use a dildo with a flared base and slightly bulbous head so that it won’t slip out of their partner as easily. Find out which of our dildos are good for harnesses by looking for the ‘harness compatible’ icon in the dildo section of our store.

Recommended Harnessess: Coming Soon

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This article was published on Saturday 25 November, 2006.

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