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Why does my husband prefer to masturbate rather than have sex?

Dear Sex Doc,

My husband masturbates regularly. Why does he do that rather than having sex with me?

He'd Rather Jerk Off

Dear He'd Rather Jerk Off,

First of all, it is important to know that masturbation is perfectly normal and natural at any point in an individualís life. Almost all men masturbate. A 1990 Kinsey Institute study found that 94% of adult men regularly masturbate to orgasm.

Masturbation during a relationship is also normal. It can even be a great night off from having sex with him. If your husband is choosing masturbation over having sex with you then you need to tell him that it is affecting your relationship. If he finds out that you would rather have sex with him than have him masturbate Iím sure he would gladly oblige.

Best regards,

Dr. Brian Parker

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This article was published on Saturday 10 May, 2008.

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