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Lubricant or lube is generally water-based or silicone-based, condom-friendly liquid used during self-pleasuring or other sexual acts. Lube is essential for every sexual being. It makes sex more fun and pleasurable. In case you didn’t know, slippery sex is hotter than dry, uncomfortable sex.

Lube is for men, women, straight, gay, bi, and trans-identified folk. It is great for masturbation, but totally enhances vaginal, anal, and oral sex. In fact, when it comes to anal sex, a good rule of thumb is… the more lube, the better. Using water-based and/or silicone/based lube with condoms also reduces the likelihood of breakage. Further, you can put a small drop of lube into the tip of the condom to increase the sensations at the head of the penis.

Lube feels great on all areas of the body. In fact, silicone lube is perfect for a silky, smooth sensual massage. Lube can be rubbed on all of the bodies pleasure spots, but feels particularly good on the nipples, perineum, and around the anus. Women love the sensations of erotically rubbing lube around the labia and of course the clitoris. Lube feels great on the entire penis, but try putting some lube on the frenulum (the sensitive area on the underside of the penis near the center of the head where the head and the shaft meet) and flicking back and forth. This will usually put any man over the edge.

Some heterosexual couples feel they shoud not need to use lube. They feel compelled to have sex ‘naturally.’ However, not only does lube make sex feel better, but there are times when a female does not naturally lubricate as much as she normally would. Certain times during her menstrual cycle, just after childbirth, and during or after menopause are times when this may occur. This is a natural and normal part of life. Don’t worry about it. Try some lube. It will make everything so much better.

Lubes enhance sex toy play as well. One should generously lube any insertable toy to increase erotic pleasure. Please refer to the Sex Toy Cleaning & Maintenance section of this guide to determine which lubes can be used with specific sex toy materials. Remember, silicone-based lubes cannot be used with sex toys made from silicone or cyberskinTM (or other realistic feeling materials) because it will break down the toy.

As previously mentioned, lubes are generally water-based or silicone based. Water-based lubes come in wonderful flavors as well. There are also oil-based lubes, which we do not recommended for anything other than male masturbation.

Water-based Lube

By far, water-based lubes are the most common and and can be used in the most situations. Water-based lubes don’t stain and are safe to use with latex and plastic condoms. These lubes also work with other latex-based birth control devices. They are made from mostly water, and some glycerine and propylene glycol. They can be used by almost anyone and rarely cause any skin irritations.

Water-based lubes are ideal for use with sex toys as they can be used with toys made from any material. These lubes do tend to dry out over time, however, adding a little water will revive the lube. When using water-based lubes it is a good idea to keep a spray bottle filled with water by your bed. It is a little sexier than using spit.

Recommended Water-based Lubes: O’My Natural, Gun Oil H20, Liquid Silk

Silicone-based Lube

The best thing about silicone-based lubes are the fact that they are waterproof. Therefore, they make the ideal lube to use during sex in the shower or tub. They are also smooth as silk and never sticky making them fantastic for massages. Silicone lubes last longer than water-based lubes because they retain their lubricating properties better. They tend to be a little more expensive, but they last longer. These lubes are highly concentrated, which means you only need to use a little bit each time. You also cannot use silicone-based lubes with silicone or cyberskinTM (or other realistic feeling) sex toys.

Recommended Silicone-based Lubes: Eros Bodyglide Original, O’My Infinity, Gun Oil, Pink

Flavoured Lube

Flavoured lubes are all water-based and therefore have the same great characteristics. These lubes are unique in that they contain an additive that makes them taste better. Flavoured lubes vary from brand to brand. Some taste fantastic, while others are barely palitable. We have found that O’My Flavoured lubes are the best since they taste great and the base is fairly natural and healthy.

Flavoured lubes are used to make oral sex taste better. Many people love using it for this purpose. You really don’t need to use a flavoured lube for anal or vaginal intercourse. The last time I checked, vaginas didn’t have taste buds! If you do use a flavoured lube for penis-vagina sex, make sure it is sugar-free. Introducing sugars into the vagina can make the woman more susceptible to getting a yeast infection.

Recommended Flavoured Lubes: O’My Flavoured Lube

Oil-based Lube

Oil-based lubes like baby oil, VaselineTM, or even some lubes marketed in the adult industry like Elbow GreaseTM, should only be used for male masturbation. Oil-based lubes CANNOT be used with latex condoms as they will break them down. Similarly, they cannot be used with other latex birth control methods like diaphrams and cervical caps.

Oil-based lubes should never be inserted into the vagina as it makes the woman more likely to get an infection or STI. This happens since the bacteria and/or virus are more likely to ‘stick’ to the vaginal walls. It is also more difficult to naturally cleanse the vagina during menstruation if there are oils present. One should also refrain from using oil-based lubes for anal sex for similar reasons.

That being said, there are many wonderful oil-based lubes on the market which give men incredible, new sensations during masturbation.

Recommended Oil-based Male Masturbation Lubes: Stroke 29, Jack Jelly,

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This article was published on Saturday 25 November, 2006.

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