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A reciprocal, sensual massage can be an utterly enjoyable experience. Not only is it relaxing, but it brings us closer to the one we love. And, it’s just as good if we are the one giving the massage.

Most people are touch deprived. We live in a society that doesn’t value touch. But, we need physical contact. Our skin is our biggest organ and it needs to be touched. Massage can be relaxing, sensual, or even erotic.

Sensual and erotic massages are unique and different. A sensual massage is done in the nude with candlelight. The focus is to give the entire body a sensuous rub down. A sensual massage is sexual, but it does not have to end in sex, although it can be a great foreplay activity. Erotic massage is more sexual. It may incorporate kundalini energy, but most likely it also involves a genital massage. An erotic genital massage can be a truly profound experience. It is meant to be stimulating, but it is not sex. In fact, when giving a genital massage to a man it is best if he does not have an erection.

There are a number of products on the market that are wonderful for massage. You may have a favorite massage oil or cream that works wonders. Forever Pleasure doesn’t carry the traditional massage products found on almost every other website. We carry a unique, natural line of high-end bath and beauty products to best suite our client’s needs and desires.

You can create a sensual mood in your room by using candles, aromatherapy, listening to sensual music, and using the right sensual massage products. Sensual and erotic massage can be done using a number of products including silicone-based lube, massage oils, massage creams, massage candles, and body dusts.

Silicone-based Lube

Not only is silicone-based lube wonderful for masturbation, penis-vagina and penis-anus sex, as well as underwater sex, it is an ideal massage lotion. It is non-sticky and feels like liquid silk being rubbed into your body. It is the best massage product to use for female genital massage, since you do not want any oil-based product getting into the vagina.

Recommended Silicone-based Lube: Eros Original Bodyglide, O’My Infinity , Pink, Gun Oil

Massage Oils

Sensual massage oils can add some spice to a regular, old massage. A massage feels much better when done with massage oils. Massage oils come in a number of arousing scents. They generally have an oil base made from safflower, olive, almond, and/or grapeseed oil, which all make a wonderfully tactile experience.

Recommended Massage Oils: Thin Mint Edible Oil

Massage Creams

Massage creams have an oil base, which creates a sensual massage experience. It usually takes a little bit more cream than oil to do the job, but some people prefer the less oily feel of the cream. Creams come in a variety of wonderfully arousing scents. Find one that suites you and have fun.

Recommended Massage Creams: Coming Soon

Massage Candles

These ingenious candles are fairly new on the market. They are used 3 ways. First, as a mood settting candle with stimulating aromatherapy scents. Second, the candles have a soy base, which burns at a lower temperature than regular wax so they can be safely poured on bodies for some ‘hot’ wax play. Lastly, the ‘hot’ wax is used as an erotic massage oil. These candles are really fantastic and create a titillating evening you and your partner will be talking about for months.

Recommended Massage Candles: Tropical, Vanilla Bean, Fig Leaf, Pink Lotus

Body Dust

Body dusts are great if you prefer a light, stroking massage. Body dusts come with feather tickler applicators that can be sensually used to stroke every inch of your partner. The tickler alone can be utterly erotic, however, things get even better because the dust is edible. And, your partner won’t be satisfied until you lick every last bit of dust from their entire body. Poor you.

Recommended Body Dusts: Raspberry Vanilla Shake, Whipped Cream

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This article was published on Saturday 25 November, 2006.

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