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Why do some women like anal sex?

Dear Sex Doc,

I’ve heard some girls like anal sex. What could they get from that? Wouldn’t that miss all their girly parts?

Anally Oblivious

Dear Anally Oblivious,

Yeah AO, most people have already heard why guys might like getting their A-Spot (prostate gland) tickled by a penis, dildo, or finger, but a lot of you have no idea why a girl might enjoy getting her anus or rectum played with.

Just like for boys, a girl’s anus has a ton of nerve endings making this area super sensitive to stimulation. A little anal massage could send your lady lover over the edge.

The rectum and vagina also share an internal wall together. And, those all important vaginal nerve endings are sometimes easier to ‘connect with’ from the back side.

A women’s G-Spot can also be stimulated from the rectum. Remember, that the G-spot is analogous to the male prostate gland, which is easily stimulated through the anus. Many women have amazing G-Spot orgasms through anal sex.

A woman can also have an anal orgasm. This is distinct and different from a clitoral, vaginal, or G-Spot orgasm. This too, makes anal sex fun for girls.

Further, when a man or woman orgasms, they have contractions that is also felt in their rectum. This whole pelvic region has lots of pleasurable zones that makes it fun.

So AO, anal sex might not be your cup of tea, but some girls totally get off on it. It’s best not to judge. Everyone has different likes and dislikes in and out of the bedroom.

Best regards,

Dr. Brian Parker

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This article was published on Saturday 23 December, 2006.

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