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Vibrators are erotic toys that have a small motor that vibrates for wonderful sensations. Vibrators are either electronic, battery operated, or rechargeable. Vibrators can be enjoyed by men, but are most often used by women. Most women swear that vibrators give them their best orgasms. Most are designed with orgasm in mind. If you’re a woman, or have a female partner, a vibrator will definitely bring your sex life to new heights.

In heterosexual relationships, most women don’t achieve orgams through penis-vagina sex. The problem is that the clitoris (a woman’s pleasure organ) is usually not stimulated in most positions, but especially in the missionary position (woman on her back with the man between her legs facing her). Studies have found that only about a third of heterosexual women regularly have orgasms through sexual intercourse.

If you’re a heterosexual man and partnered with a female, one of the most profound things you can give her is an incredible orgasm. This can be easier with the help of a vibrator. Vibrators can be used during foreplay or during intercourse. They are a hot addition to any lustful relationship.

When it comes to vibrators, there’s a few different types of toys available including traditional, G-spot, clitoral, rotating dual, anal, and specialty vibrators. Of course, Forever Pleasure only carries the best vibes on the market made from either silicone, elastomer, or food-grade vinyl. All of our vibes are made in Germany, Japan, or the United States where they play close attention to craftsmenship and have superior electronic components.

Traditional Penetrative Vibes

Traditional vibes are very common and usually shaped like a phallus. Most traditional vibes are made from hard plastic and are generally poorly made with cheap electrical components and sharp seams on the vibe. Forever Pleasure does not recommend these types of traditional vibes. The traditional vibes we carry are made from silicone and can be used externally or internally. Traditional vibes come in all shapes and sizes and are generally quite straight and smooth.

Recommended Traditional Vibes: Twister, Heartbreaker, Iris

G-spot Vibes

G-spot vibes resemble traditional vibes, but they are curved at the tip of the vibe to stimulate the G-spot. The G-spot or Grafenberg Spot is about an inch and a half to two inches inside the vaginal wall. Experts think it is the nerve endings of the clitoris. Whatever it is, woman who have experienced G-spot stimulation know that it feels damn good.

Recommended G-spot vibes: G-Spot Worm II, Dinky Digger, G-Twist, G-Swirl, Pixie, Gigi, Form 6, Delight

Clitoral Vibes

Clitoral vibes apply intense vibrations directly to a woman’s clitoris. The only function for the clitoris is for pleasure. It is packed with over 8,000 nerve endings. So, of course it feels great when its stimulated. These toys are designed to give women powerful sensations right were they like it most.

Battery Operated Clitoral-Only Vibes

These vibes are designed to produce powerful stimulation directly on the clitoris. These vibes are generally quite small and portable being the perfect travel size. They are hand held and come in a variety of shapes and sizes and generally don’t look like a traditional vibrator.

Recommended Battery Operated Clitoral-Only Vibes: Laya Spot, Honey Bear, Water Dancer, Titan

Rechargable Clitoral-Only Vibes

All the great benefits of a clitoral-only vibe, but you never need batteries. These vibes are high-end and will last a number of years before wearing out.

Recommended Rechargable Clitoral-Only Vibes: Femblossom, Nea

Electric Vibes

Electric vibrators are intended for direct clitoral stimulation. They produce powerful vibrations that have caused millions of orgasms worldwide. Electric vibrators generally have a large head and are never intended for insertion. This vibrating head can be used to massage the labia, mons pubis, perineum and even those aching muscles. The most popular electric vibe is the Hitachi Magic Wand. This Japanese-made vibe is made from high quality materials and superior electronics. It should last for many years. It even comes with a manufacturer’s warranty if there are any problems.

Recommended Electric Vibes: Hitachi Magic Wand

Rotating Dual (Clitoral and Vaginal) Vibes

These wonderful toys stimulate both the clitoris and vaginal canal. They usually have dual action rotating shafts and pearls that cause exciting sensations. They come in a number of shapes and sizes, but most look like a traditional vibrator with a ‘branch’ coming off of it to stimulate the clit. The ‘branch’ is often in the shape of an animal with rabbits and hummingbirds being the most common. You insert the vibe until the clitoral stimulator reaches the clitoris. These vibes are all battery operated and generally have different levels of vibrations and rotations. Many of these dual vibes are shaped for G-spot stimulation. These vibrators are great for any occasion. They are so versatile that they really are a must have for any toy box.

Recommended Dual Vibes: Merry Mermaid, Double Worm, Rabbit Habit, Little Kiss, Rock Your World

Anal Vibes

Anal vibrators stimulate the anus and rectum. All vibes can be used externally around the anus, however, an object inserted into the rectum must have a phlange at the base. The vagina is a closed space with the cervix at the very end. The rectum is not closed and toys can be sucked up into the stomach and may require surgery for removal.

Anal stimulation with vibrators can be extremely pleasurable for men and women since there are many nerve endings, especially around the anus. Many men enjoy having their A-Spot (prostate gland) stimulated with an anal vibe. This can be an incredibly erogenous zone for a lot of men. Since the anus does not secret natural lubrication, plenty of lube must be used for anal play. Please read the lubrication section for more on lube.

Recommended Anal Vibes: G-Swirl, Twist

Specialty Vibes

There are a number of specialty vibes on the market and we’ve classified these as either waterproof or couple’s vibes.

Waterproof Vibes

Many high-end vibes are waterproof and can be used safely in the shower, tub, or pool. A nice warm bath can be the perfect place to pleasure oneself. Warm water relaxes the body and can put individuals into a very sensuous place. Many women have intense orgasms from the shower nozzle. A waterproof play toy can add to these sensations and are much more versatile and mobile.

Recommended Waterproof Vibes: Water Dancer, Dinky Digger, Laya Spot, Dolly Dolphin II, Galan

Couple’s Vibes

All vibrators can be used by men or women or with couples. However, there are some vibrating toys that have been designed especially with couples in mind. Vibrating cock rings are the perfect addition to intercourse. Men with female partners can wear the cock ring to trap the blood in the penis, which increases the quality and duration of the erection. The vibrating bullet adds much needed clitoral stimulation increasing the womans likelihood of reaching a powerful orgasm. These toys are win-win for both individuals. Cock rings can also be put on dildos for added clitoral sensations that many women thouroughly enjoy. The Eros Pleasure Ring is waterproof so couples can also enjoy it in the shower, tub, and pool.

Recommended Couple’s Vibes: Eros Pleasure Ring, Neoring, Duet

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This article was published on Saturday 25 November, 2006.

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