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Putting the penis into an individual’s mouth after it has been in their ass. Hence,

“ass 2 mouth.”


The prostate gland. It is also called the P-spot or the male G-spot.

A little one-on-one

Slang for having sex.


Bacteria-free or free of bacteria.


Sexual arousal or attainment of orgasm dependent on crippled individuals.


A medical procedure to remove the fetus. See also medical aborion and surgical abortion.

Abortion Pill

Another term for RU486, Mifepristone, which is a synthetic steriod that causes a spontaneous miscarriage. It is usually prescribed before 2 months of pregnancy, but this varies depending on the country. The abortion pill is sometimes (incorrectly) used in association with the Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) or the morning after pill.


Choosing not to engage in sexual intercourse.


Slang term for a bisexual.

Acquired Immunodefiency Syndrome (AIDS)

A fatal syndrome caused by HIV. See also HIV.


Having a preference for and being sexually turned on by hairless genitals either on oneself or one’s partner.


Having a shaved or hairless vulva.

Acquired Syphilis

Acquiring the syphilis virus through oral, vaginal, or anal sexual contact. As compared to congenital or hereditary syphilis where the syphilis virus is passed to the newborn from the infected mother during childbirth.


Sexual arousal and attainment of orgasm dependent upon heights or high altitudes.


Sexual arousal and attainment of orgasm dependent on an adult amputee.


Sexual attraction or preference for circumcized penises.


Gaining sexual arousal from dressing and acting like an adolescent.

Adolescent Homosexuality

Homosexual contact during adolescent. This is very common and usually experimental or exploratory. Same sex play during childhood or adolescence does not determine someone’s adult sexual orientation.


The official transfer of parental rights by the biological parents to the adoptive parents.

Adult Movie

A pornographic movie.


Having sex with another individual while you are in a committed relationship or marriage.

Age of Consent

The legal age (depending on the laws of the country) that an individual can engage in penis-vagina intercourse. There is usually also an age of consent for penis-anus sex in many countries as well.


The euphoric look one has after sex. This is often caused from endorphins, but mainly from sweating during sex.


Cheating on one’s partner or spouse.


Sexual arousal or attainment of orgasm dependent on statues or mannequins.


Sexual arousal or attainment of orgasm dependent on a partner who pretends to struggle and resist sexual advances before giving in to sex.


Sexual arousal or attainment of orgasm dependent on having sex in public.


An intense and manic desire for sex.


Sexual arousal or attainment of orgasm dependent on water.


Sexual arousal or attainment of orgasm dependent on inflicting pain or suffering pain.

Alternative Lifestyles

People involved in sexual or non-sexual lifestyles that differ from the norm. An example would be people engaged in the BDSM community.


Sexual arousal or attainment of orgasm dependent on a blind or blindfolded individual or preferring to have sex in total darkness.


Slang term for bisexual.


Sexually attracted to either sex.


The absence of menstruation. Usually, the first sign of pregnancy.


The name individuals with amputee fetishes give themselves to signify their attraction to amputees.


A horizontal piercing through the head of the penis.

Amputee Fetish

Sexual arousal from an amputee. A person with this fetish could be aroused by the amputee individual or by the missing limb(s).

Anal Beads

A string of beads that are inserted into the anus and pulled out at the point of orgasm.

Anal Bleaching

Bleaching the anus so it is less dark. More common with porn stars than the general public.

Anal Intercourse

Inserting the penis into the rectum.

Anal Plug

A cone-shaped toy with a flared base that is used for anal stimulation.

Anal Sex Toy

Any sex toy that has a flared base for anal insertion. The flared base keeps the toy from being ‘sucked up’ the rectum and into the stomach.

Anal Sphincter

The sphincter muscle on the outside of the rectum.


Sexual arousal or attainment of orgasm dependent on a partner with extreme height differences than oneself. Could be attracted to either taller or shorter individuals.

Anatomical Sex

The sex an individual appears to be based on their physical sex characteristics.


Not clearly feminine or masculine, but usually somewhere in between.


Sexual arousal or attainment of orgasm dependent on robots or individuals dressing up like androids.


Lack of sexual interest or sexual response.

Angel Kiss

Kissing the vulva/vagina during a woman’s period.


Licking the anus.


Sexualized Japanese cartoons or animated art.


Unequal or different sized breasts.

Anonymous HIV Test

When the individual does not have to give their real name to get an HIV test for confidential reasons. They are given a number, which they use to get their results.

Anonymous Sex

Consensual sex between strangers. They often won’t know each other’s names and have sex in washrooms, etc.


Fear of hurting a female partner during sexual intercourse.


The inability to achieve orgasm.


A pharmaceutical drug that kills bacteria and other germs. Antibiotics are used to treat bacteria STIs.


Pharmaceutical drugs taken to improve one’s mood. Although they are an extremely important drug for many people it should be noted that many antidepressants reduce one’s sexual desire and make it more difficult to orgasm.


The opposite of fetish. The extreme sexual dislike of something that can be fetishized, like a body part and/or an inanimate object.


The end of the rectum where waste is exited and a highly sensitive sphincter where the penis is inserted in anal sex.


A substance that increases an individual’s sexual desire. Chocolates and oysters are considered to be aphrodisiacs. However, most aphrodisiacs do not work.


The Greek godess of love and beauty.


A paraphilic sexual attraction to becoming an amputee. It is not restricted to limb amputation, but can sometiimes include self-castration and genital mutilation.

Arabian Goggles

When a male rests his testicles in the eye sockets of another individual.


The darker skin area that surrounds the nipple.


When an individual gets sexually excited.

Artificial Insemination

The injection of semen into the vaginal canal using a syringe or some other type of instrument.


An individual with no sexual desire or interest.


When a man does not ejaculate semen or complete lack of semen. Not to be confused with a dry orgasm.


Sexual arousal and attainment of orgasm is dependent on self-strangulation during orgasm. See also autoerotic asphyxiation.


Slang term for the buttocks.

Ass Play

Any erotic play with the anus involving a penis, body part, or object.


Slang term for the anus.


When an individual has an infection (eg. Gonorrhea), but shows no signs or symptoms of the infection.

Asymptomatic Shedding

When an individual with the herpes virus (1 or 2) doesn’t have an outbreak, however, the skin sheds active herpes lesions.

Atypical Psychosexual Dysfunction

The American Psychiatric Association’s DSM IV’s category for sexual dysfunctions that fall outside of the typical categories such as sexual desire disorders and sexual pain disorders.

Atypical Sexual Behaviour

Any sexual act that is not considered ‘normal’ by society.


Sexual arousal or attainment of orgasm dependent on being on stage on in front of the camera.


Sexual arousal or attainment of orgasm dependent upon staging one’s own masochistic death by murder.

Autoerotic Asphyxiation

The act of strangulating oneself during masturbation. The lack of blood to the brain is said to increase orgasmic release. This is a very dangerous practice and should never be done. Many people die each year from this practice.




Performing fellatio (a blow job) on one’s own penis.


When an individual’s own body becomes their fetishistic preoccupation.


Sexual arousal and attainment of orgasm is dependent upon crossdressing.


Sexual arousal and attainment of orgasm is dependent upon imagining oneself as a corpse.


Sexual arousal and attainment of orgasm is dependent upon acting like a baby in diapers and being treated as such by a partner.


The act of a male inserting his penis into his anus.


Sexual arousal and attainment of orgasm is dependent upon inflicting pain on oneself.


A form of bestiality in which a male has sexual intercourse with a bird.

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