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The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

have been compiled to help you understand as much as

possible about the Forever Pleasure Parties.

How do I book a Forever Pleasure Party?

If you have any questions about a Forever Pleasure Party or to book Dr. Brian Parker to host your party, CLICK HERE or call 780.488.4998. Please have at least two possible dates available. You and your guests must be at least 18 years of age to attend the party.

Is there a fee for a Forever Pleasure Party?

Absolutely not. In fact, you?ll earn money (10% of the total sales) for hosting the party, which can be used to purchase any of Forever Pleasure?s premium products. Plus, you will receive a sensual gift worth over $25.00.

What do my guests get for attending the party?

The best adult sex ed in town. Your guests will thank you for helping them discover their newfound sexual self-esteem. They will have access to the best adult products available anywhere. Every guest will also receive titillating product samples to take home.

Can you do a bachelorette party?


The Forever Pleasure Party makes an ideal bachelorette party. With a Forever Pleasure Bachelorette Party both the host and the bachelorette receive a sensual gift. The bride-to-be can pick out exciting paraphernalia sure to keep the romance and sex in her marriage hot for many years to come. Guests can either pool their money and create a sensual shopping spree for their bachelorette or they can each purchase gifts separately. By the way, there are items at all price ranges.

How will I explain this party to my family and friends?

It should be pretty easy. If they haven?t already attended an adult toy party they have most likely heard of them. You can explain to them that it will be an informative and humorous adventure into the world of romance and sensuality. Tell them that it will be informal and light-hearted. Explain to them that a sex expert who knows a lot about this topic hosts the party. Also, tell them that the products available are the best in the world. You can also direct them to this website for more information.

Do I have to personally deliver the orders to my guests?

Many products will be available to purchase and take home the night of the party. Other guest orders will be delivered to your home or office within 2 weeks. Each order will be individually wrapped, sealed, and labelled with each customer?s name. Just call your guests and let them know that their order has arrived. From our experience, they will be very anxious to pick up their new toys.

Does a guest have to purchase anything?

Absolutely not! There is no hard sell here. Your guests will decide whether or not they want to purchase anything. However, most people do buy something. Forever Pleasure carries the most unique, high-end products available. Even the most sexually informed guests will be impressed with the products we carry.

Will there be any nudity or explicit sex acts?

NO!!! Dr. Brian will explain how the toys and products are used, but there will be no demonstrations. The approach Dr. Brian takes is very laid back, humorous, informative, but professional. Even Grandma would approve.

Is the party only for women?

No. Forever Pleasure Parties can be all men, all women, mixed, couples, and tailored for any sexual orientation. You decide what would work best for your party.

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