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Men can play with pretty well any sex toy. However, there are a few toys that were designed just for them in mind. Cock rings, male masturbators, and A-spot (or prostate) stimulators are quickly increasing in popularity for men. Men are becoming much more comfortable with experimenting with toys and exploring new sensations.

Cock Rings

A cock ring is an object that typically fits tightly around the base of the penis. These rings are generally made from chromed steel, silicone, or rubber. Some cock rings have straps that fit around the base of the penis and the scrotum. These cock rings are generally made from leather. Cock rings trap blood in the penis and cause harder and longer erections. Many cock rings come in adjustable sizes to insure the fit is just right.

Recommended Cock Rings: Mini-Magic Cock Ring

Male Masturbators

Experts report that about 94% of adult men masturbate regularly. So why not do it with an amazing penis stimulator? There are toys on the market that will produce some extremely powerful orgasms. The Fleshlight is a male masturbation tool in the manly shape of a flashlight. But take the cap off and you’ll discover a whole new world. The Fleshlight will quickly become a man’s best friend.

Recommended Male Masturbators: Pink Lady Fleshlight, Maven

A-Spot (Prostate) Stimulators

Many men (gay and straight) are exploring anal sensations. The anus has many nerve endings which feel great when stimulated. The A-spot or prostate gland is a walnut-shaped gland that contains the bulk of the fluid in ejaculate. The prostate gland is about 2 inches into the rectum at a 45 degree angle. Most men, but not all, find stimulating this area to be extremely arousing. When inserting anal toys one must make sure the toy is flared at the base. Unlike the vagina, which is a closed space, the rectum is open and therefore the toy can move further into the body. This will most likely result in an embarrassing trip to the emergency room. Anal toys for men can be either anal vibes, dildos, butt plugs, or anal beads. Most are curved for prostate stimulation. Since this is an insertable toy, Forever Pleasure only recommends silicone and food grade vinyl toys. Remember to use plenty of water-based lube such as O’My Natural or Sensua when using anal toys.

Recommended A-Spot Stimulators: Pandora, Aneros MGX, Meteor Plug Recommended Anal Vibe: Twist, G-Swirl, Pandora Recommended Anal Dildo: Amor, Magnum, Curve Recommended Butt Plugs: FUNtasy, Plug Recommended Anal Beads: Flexi Felix, Bendy Beads

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This article was published on Friday 24 November, 2006.

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